Caroline Néron

Today, you cannot build an international brand without an effective e-commerce component according to Caroline Néron, founder and President of a growing fashion jewelry and accessories chain based in Montreal.  While online shopping provides a convenient service to existing customers, it also provides access to a range of potential customers without the limits of geography imposed by a pure bricks and mortar play.  A world class e-commerce site plays a central role in Caroline Néron’s international growth strategy.

“There are sophisticated women and men around the world that appreciate the design creativity represented by our collections.  We extend our commitment to creativity to our site with a unique capability to mix and match jewelry pieces.  In addition to our regular offerings, our customers can pick and choose individual pieces to create their own ensemble”, according to Benoit Bouchard, Vice President and General Manager, Bijoux Caroline Néron.

Caroline Néron is realizing her dream of a global brand as e-commerce traffic fuels continued growth. Since the launch of the new Caroline Néron e-commerce site in April 2014, e-commerce sales are growing at a 20 % annualized rate.  “We are on track to meet our goals for business growth and have begun fine-tuning our approach. Our next challenge is a marketing campaign to grow our base of business across Canada”, said Bouchard.

By early 2013, the necessity for a state-of-the-art e-commerce site was recognized.  “We needed a team that could deliver the visual image that reflected Caroline’s unique personality and designs.  We also needed a team that could deliver a reliable system where our e-commerce site was part of our retail management systems.  Gemmar Systems and The Commercial Group did a superior job. They positioned us into a new world”, said Bouchard.

Website visitors also learn about Caroline and her team on a personal level.  Features include accolades for her business acumen, entrepreneurship and rapid growth of her chain.  Videos provide insight to her photo shoots for both catalog and on-line displays, new product launch events, and more.   Similarly, the website contains details about her corporate social responsibility endeavors, most notably in donations to foundations fighting breast cancer.

The Caroline Néron chain currently consists of 19 unique boutiques across Quebec as well as a website with global reach.  Caroline is pursuing a strategy of both retailer and wholesaler as her fashion jewelry is also available through an additional 50 independent retail locations. “As part of our globalization efforts, we just concluded an agreement for distribution of our product in France”, said Bouchard.

When you are building a brand that matters, what‘s next for this entrepreneur? With her affinity for breaking boundaries, it’s no wonder Caroline plans to expand further beyond the borders of her beloved province and country, as she continues to embed her unique product in markets across North America, Europe and Asia.

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