Retail-1® Reporter

Integration with MS Excel


Retail-1<sup>®</sup> Reporter

Retail-1® Reporter – integrates the power of Retail-1 data with Microsoft Excel. User defined Excel reports are centrally managed and secured from “spreadsheet risk”. With formats and formulas secured, all your Excel users will be working on the same page. Excel extraction and reporting tasks that previously took hours now take minutes to complete.

Eliminate Spreadsheet Risk

Eliminate Spreadsheet Risk

Retail-1® Reporter prevents spreadsheet risk that comes from spreadsheet formula errors that can distort information used for strategic decision-making.

Retail-1® Reporter offers security of access and disciplined structure for defining formulas, data values and selection criteria.

No More Cut and Paste

No More Cut and Paste

The Excel spreadsheet paradigm of columns, rows, calculated cells, and summations neatly fits the requirements for a custom reporting tool in the retail environment. The GSI difference is to enable access to the Retail-1® database to fully utilize this spreadsheet approach with consistent data delivered to all authorized users.

Easy To Use Report Repository

Easy To Use Report Repository

Retail-1® Reporter provides the main repository for managing the various spreadsheet formats that may be desired in any retail organization. Thus, users may draw upon a set of formats that can be pre-defined for the entire organization ensuring consistency in both the display of information as well as integrity in its formula and calculations.