Retail-1® RedLine

Targeted Business Intelligence


Retail-1<sup>®</sup> RedLine

Retail-1® RedLine – is a retail intelligence tool to aid buyers in managing markdowns. Slow moving goods are identified for markdowns based on user defined rules. Buyers are focused on which goods desire attention and action. “What if” analysis helps buyers choose an appropriate markdown strategy to both optimize sales and maintain profitability.

Retail-1<sup>®</sup> RedLine Protects Profits

Retail-1® RedLine Protects Profits

Focus your buyer’s attention to the styles that need attention.  More effective and timely decisions, improved sell-through, less markdown cost, more retained margin... it’s the results you want.

Take Emotion Out

Take Emotion Out

Retail-1® RedLine takes the emotion out of the process by consistently applying your policies and markdown rules to suggest those products or styles that should be marked down and by how much.

Price Points and Policies Rule

Price Points and Policies Rule

Retail-1® RedLine utilizes price points at any level in the hierarchy to establish step rules for markdowns.

Retail-1® RedLine looks at inventory turn rates to identify slow moving goods as well as previously marked down goods ready for review.