Retail-1® OTB

Integrate merchandise, store, and financial planning


Retail-1<sup>®</sup> OTB

Retail-1® OTB – is the retail planning system within Retail-1® Connected. In addition to integrated inventory and store planning functions with “what-if” analysis, this module includes with open-to-buy analysis and reporting throughout the budget year.

Integrate Planning with Retail Management

Integrate Planning with Retail Management

Now the power of integrated merchandise planning is affordable and available to the small to medium specialty retail chains.

Your planning process will be based on better information and decision-making for new merchandise, commitments to current categories, and assortments as well as commitments to current and new stores.

Formalize Your Planning Process

Formalize Your Planning Process

Retail-1® OTB provides the tools to formalize and improve your entire planning process from corporate revenue and gross margin objectives to merchandise plans by class to store inventory and sales plans.

Plan and continuously evaluate gross margin and GMROI performance with on-demand OTB re-trending.

Monitor Performance

Monitor Performance

Retail-1® OTB provides “actual-to-plan” performance comparisons and variance analysis.

Exception flags for sub-par performance

Monitor inventory aging and set priorities

Prioritize tasks for management team via Weekly Business Review

  • Capture opportunities
  • Anticipate slow movers
  • Avoid short-falls