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Wednesday, May 7th, 2014

GSI Salutes Korvette : A Loyal Customer for Twenty Years

Les Magasins Korvette Itée (Korvette Discount Stores), Trois-Rivières, Quebec, marks 20 years as user of Retail-1 from Gemmar Systems International (GSI). Beginning with 20 stores in l995, this family owned discounter has grown to 70 stores with locations throughout the province reinforcing their slogan “fair prices, close to home”.

As a Retail-1 user, Korvette has upgraded over the years through multiple versions from the original retail management suite using character based Unix technology to the current Version 11 offering using Microsoft based technologies for user interface, database management, and operating systems.

“It is clearly our honor to serve as a customer’s software provider for twenty years. This is indicative of the strong relationship that we have developed and continue to support. We salute their continued success”, said Peter Mitelman, GSI President and CEO,

Learn more about Korvette:(http://vimeo.com/91001879).


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