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Monday, December 9th, 2013

WHAT’S IN A NUMBER? Customer Loyalty is Earned

(Montreal, PQ) – Loyalty rewards programs should be easy to use. Running Room Ltd (Edmonton, AB) has set the standard for both customer participation and convenience by eliminating any requirement to present a loyalty card at the point of sale and by providing for easy redemption of rewards through a virtual gift certificate. “This is a new world, mobile technology and e-commerce trends mandate that we as Retailers ensure that all of our loyalty programs are delivered virtually. If our consumer loyalty programs are not in alignment with this reality then we are not in the game”, said Michael O’Dell, Vice President, Running Room Ltd.

Convenience in participation in customer loyalty programs is more relevant today as auto keys and key rings are replaced with electronic key fobs. Similarly, shoppers are more reluctant to carry a significant number of cards simply to accommodate different identities with multiple retailers.

Retailers implementing the loyalty reward program within Retail-1 have a simple solution to this question. The key is a customer’s phone number.   Running Room Ltd provides a perfect example of a loyalty rewards program powered by Retail-1 that has overcome customer privacy concerns with a value-based program that accumulates points quickly and provides the convenience of virtual gift card redemption.

Running Room Ltd encourages customer participation with pointers on strategies to accelerate their accumulation of points and successfully overcome customer fears of using their phone number as an identifier. This has come through a privacy policy that prohibits the use of customer phone numbers in promotional activities or selling customer data to phone marketers. It’s a matter of trust and confidence in the integrity of the retailer as well as the convenience at the point of sale.

“Firstly customers do not forget their phone numbers. Sounds basic and it is – this is the signal easiest way for them to register sales under a unique profile that accumulates rewards. Secondly – put your privacy policy out there. Be very clear to the consumer that you will not sell your personal information to any organization, for any purpose. If you live and breathe your privacy policy and ensure its totally transparent then your customers will trust your commitment to protect their personal information”, said O’Dell.

So… what’s in this number? It represents convenience for your customers, enhanced loyalty and repeat sales that increase your share of your customer’s wallet.

To learn more about loyalty programs within Retail-1 contact Gemmar Systems International (sales@gemmar.com or 514-631-3336 ext 2271).  To learn more about Running Room Ltd’s loyalty program powered by Retail-1, follow this link: Running Room Rewards Program.


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