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Friday, January 4th, 2013

30 Years of Success

In 2013, Gemmar Systems International, Inc. celebrates thirty years of continuous operations. This is a significant accomplishment in the software industry as a whole and unprecedented in the software industry serving retailers. When reflecting on this accomplishment, it would not be possible without your long standing support and confidence. Today, I am proud of the fact that more than 60% of our customers have been with us for more than 10 years. Throughout our 30 year history, we have remained focused and dedicated to serving the needs retail chains. With three decades of continuity in ownership, we have engaged in “organic” growth and have avoided the pitfalls and risks associated with mergers and acquisitions. Our ongoing R&D has protected your investment for the long term with practical solutions to retail problems and challenges. We appreciate your continuing trust and strive to earn it each year.

The competitive landscape has been significantly altered with entry of U.S. retailers into Canada as well as international retailers into the U.S. The impact has been seen in a variety of ways ranging from havoc in the commercial real estate markets to increased intensity of price driven promotional events. These trends occurred within the context of recent and current economic conditions. Changing consumer behaviors have also had an impact reflected in consumer expectations. Mobile technology and e-commerce advancements have changed ways in which consumers shop. Failure to have an effective cross-channel strategy will certainly impact your retail business. Industry experts have declared changing consumer behaviors as a “retail revolution”.

While there are still significant challenges ahead, we are proud of the fact that our customers have been able to thrive and grow in the midst of economic and competitive storms.

We continue to be committed to the best in customer service for our industry segment. We also continue to differentiate our service with “live” help from the best customer support staff in the industry. We look forward to your continued trust and support for 2013.

Peter Mitelman