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Wednesday, October 24th, 2012

Wish Your Website Was Your Best Store?

Gemmar Systems International is proud to introduce Retail-1® WebStore, the next evolution of e-commerce functionality and design.  Image the difference when your website has all the functionality of your store.  Retail-1® WebStore is an easy, intuitive shopping experience with full customer recognition and complete purchasing history. Enhance sales with integrated buying preference analytics and product recommendations. Capture sales with extended payment options, electronic gift cards, layaways and much, much more…

“Ease of use coupled with an outstanding shopping experience are the keys to any successful website. It is also the basis for building and sustaining customer loyalty and repeat sales,” said Peter Mitelman, President of Gemmar Systems International.  “Our ability to marry all databases to such an extreme level will provide us with the capabilities to offer functionality that is unparalleled on other sites. I am especially excited about our new concepts that deliver a superior customer experience”.

Retail-1® WebStore, developed jointly with The Commercial Group, Richmond Hill, Ontario, combines the strengths of a scalable e-commerce site customized to the personality of the specialty retailer with the robust back-end inventory, customer, and operations management capabilities of GSI’s Retail-1® enterprise retail system.

“Online shopping is like bricks and mortar retail – you know if you’re in a good store quite quickly and whether you really want to shop there. This is the key in developing a successful shopping experience online – to get them to make that decision and continue coming back”, said Cary Moretti, President, The Commercial Group. Retail-1® WebStore is available as a service delivered through dedicated, scalable, secure e-commerce servers and may be integrated with either customer installations of Retail-1® or hosted services through Retail-1® SaaS.  For more information, contact Gemmar Systems International sales at 516-631-3336 or sales@gemmar.com