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Friday, September 21st, 2012

Retail-1 RedLine Protects Profits

“Red Line is changing the way we look at our business. It takes away a lot of the leg work in managing our inventory and dealing with styles that are not selling. What took buyers hours to analyze is now done in seconds! Now they focus only on the styles that need to be marked down. Red Line helps increase turn and gross margin.”   Jason Coorsh, Director, IT & Logistics STYLEXCHANGE 

Take The Emotion Out

Many buyers have emotional attachment to the goods they buy, so it’s often extremely hard to recognize when the goods must be marked down. Conversely, after holding out, the markdowns can be too extreme in breadth and depth thus missing opportunities for better margins. Retail-1 Red Line takes the emotion out of the process by consistently applying your policies and markdown rules to suggest those products or styles that should be marked down and by how much.

Clear Cut Recommendations

Red Line’s recommendations are presented in an online format that facilitates decision-making. Optionally, Red Line’s buyer approved recommendations may then be routed with a summation of the financial impact for final management approval.

Price Points And Policies Rule

Red Line utilizes price points at any level in the hierarchy to establish step rules for markdowns. This provides a level of control and consistency for marking down goods within departments and classes. Other policies are in place to give goods a sufficient time to sell before flagging for a markdown. On the other hand, once goods have met this threshold, Red Line looks at inventory turn rates to identify slow moving goods as well as previously marked down goods ready for review.

Fully Integrated With Head Office And Stores

Once markdowns are approved and released, Retail-1 Store delivers changes to each and every store with notifications of all price changes and effective dates.


STYLEXCHANGE, a forward trendsetter in fashion implemented Version 11 of Retail-1 in March, 2008. Within a 12 month period, with a combination of effective systems and focused management, this mega-boutique chain posted a comparative sales increase of 12% with 35% less inventory.

For more information about Retail-1 RedLine, call Suzana Cindric at 514-631-3336 Ext. 2271, e-mail sales@gemmar.com.