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Wednesday, October 5th, 2011

Retail-1® Reporter – Flexible Custom Reporting

Retail-1® Reporter is GSI’s newest reporting toolset for Retail-1®reporting…It’s a marriage made in technology heaven! Retail-1’s information rich database combined with flexibility of MS Excel for analysis and reporting. Our customers have gained increasing skills in the use of Excel reporting and often used exports from Retail-1® to populate their custom designed Excel reports.

Retail-1® Reporter is actually a suite of applications that does away with the need for exports and custom feeds and delivers a consistent user friendly process for developing, storing, and retrieving MS Excel reports integrated with the Retail-1 database. The suite of applications produce data columns and Excel reporting capabilities for Store Reports, Category Reports, Department Reports, Class Reports and Supplier Reports.

At the heart of each application area is a maintenance program that allows users to define a spreadsheet. Once a spreadsheet has been defined, the user will have the ability to view the resulting spreadsheet in an Excel format. The view will be populated with the associated data.

Retail-1® Reporter recognizes that companies will need to create and maintain multiple formats for spreadsheets each of which will be used for different purposes within the organization. Also, the creation and maintenance of the spreadsheet formulas and selection criteria should only be accessible by a restricted user group. As a result, Retail-1® Reporter offers security of access and a strong structure for defining formulas, data values and selection criteria within each column.

For more information on Retail-1® Reporter or Gemmar Systems International (Gemmar), call Suzana Cindric at (514) 631-3336 Ext. 2271 or e-mail sales@gemmar.com or visit www.gemmar.com.