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Saturday, March 5th, 2011

Shoe City Steps into a new eCommerce Storefront

ESCO Ltd. (ESCO) operators of “Shoe City” and “YourCityMyCity” banners and Gemmar Systems International (Gemmar) announce the operational status of Retail-1® WebStore. ESCO is an early adopter of Gemmar’s e-commerce solution integrated with Retail-1® retail management software suite. In addition to its new e-commerce website (www.yourcitymycity.com), ESCO operates thirty (30) stores in the mid-Atlantic region.

“Implementing our e-commerce vision is the result of a lot of hard work and strong partnership with Gemmar”, said Ted Greenberg, CEO, ESCO Ltd. “Over the course of our partnership with Gemmar, we’ve grown from 17 to 30 stores and become an integrated cross-channel retailer. We’ve developed the foundation that will permit us to grow into new geographic areas”, he said.

ESCO committed significant resources in the website rollout with a combination of ground based promotions for the retailer’s website, customer service staffing, as well as online marketing and search engine optimization efforts. At press time, ESCO Ltd had already shipped orders to 44 of the 50 states. Branding the new website also gives ESCO the opportunity to establish a bricks and mortar version of “YourCityMyCity” with a smaller footprint and merchandise mix.

The technology base for ESCO’s e-commerce site is Retail-1® WebStore consisting of e-commerce merchandising and order management tools as well as full integration with Gemmar’s Retail-1® merchandising and inventory management software. Retail-1® WebStore was jointly developed with The Commercial Group, based in Toronto, Ontario.

“We began this journey 18 months ago with a vision for cross-channel retailing to support our growth plans. Throughout the project from developing the scope of work to final testing and debugging, Gemmar listened to us. We’ve only been live for a short period and we’re just beginning to see the benefits “, said Michael Fortwengler, Chief Financial Officer, ESCO Ltd.

ESCO continues its tradition of community service in its website promotions with its ongoing relationship with national Walk Now for Autism Speaks fundraisers. At press time, ESCO was conducting a raffle for a pair of “Back to the Future” Nike shoes as a fundraiser for the Michael J. Fox Foundation for Parkinson’s Research.

“Our partnership with ESCO is one of trust and loyalty. They allowed us to use our experience and vision to design a truly exceptional and intuitive shopping experience for their customers. The results are amazing. The solution is completely integrated and real time. It allows for visibility across all channels and offers functionality that is only seen in multi-million dollar solutions. They will never outgrow this product”, said Peter Mitelman, President, Gemmar Systems International.

For more information on Gemmar Systems International (Gemmar), call Suzana Cindric at (514) 631-3336 Ext. 2271 or e-mail sales@gemmar.com or visit www.gemmar.com. For additional information on ESCO Ltd. (Shoe City), visit www.yourcitymycity.com or call Michael Fortwengler at (410) 944-1666.